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Role Call is a COVID-friendly contactless sign in/sign out management system. We offer a state of the art proprietary system that can be fully integrated with Hikvision Thermal Screening and Facial Recognition solutions; ensuring social distancing at all times.


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Easy to Use, Cloud-Based Technology

We have paired simplicity with technology to develop a “Personalised Integrated Relationship Access Management System” for the construction industry.

Our innovative access control system brings accurate and efficient health, safety and security to your construction projects where ever you are based in the UK.


Contactless person to person attendance registration using a simple swipe of a CSCS, RFID or NFC card registers attendance, delivers site specific induction, then confirms compliance authorisation.


Combining multi-site functionality into a single integral platform which holds individual’s personal information that can be accessed and updated on a site by site basis.


Connecting people using individual communication links such as text, email, or phone call to relay and record day to day task instruction or “Health & Safety” directives.


Automatic site, building or event admission by means of customer specific coded protocols that provide real time reporting of individual movements controlled by personal entrance and exit timings.


Guaranteeing real time instruction and reporting at the click of a button which combines build face production controls with safe working practice.


Instrumentality that combines interrelated, interacting information designed to work as a coherent entity comprising of a unified whole that simplifies the complexities of methods and rules that govern behaviour.

CDM 2015 Compliance

Whatever your role in construction, commerce, private or public sectors Role Call is designed to help compliance with CDM 2015 with the clear aim and objective to improve health and safety in the industry by helping you to:

Sensibly plan the work so the risks involved are managed from start to finish

Have the right people for the right job at the right time

Cooperate and coordinate your work with others

Have the right information about the risks and how they are being managed

Communicate this information effectively to those who need to know

Consult and engage with workers about the risks and how they are being managed

Features &


  • Improved health and safety for all involved with minimised risks.
  • More efficient project management with minimal delays.
  • Coordination between all parties involved.
  • Reduced costs, bureaucracy, and paperwork.
  • Thorough project management and compliance.
  • No legal prosecution or bad publicity due to violations.

Our system is designed with people in mind, uncomplicated with mobile phone access means uncompromised lines of communication at all times.

The user friendly interface makes for a valued addition to any toolbox, its interactive capability quickly becomes part of your team.

From head office to site office, from site office to build face, from sales to customer Role Call is your steppingstone to a safe and secure construction pathway which strengthens client, supplier, and customer relationships.

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