5 Tips Through Construction Health and Safety

Sep 28, 2020 | Construction

Our Five Quick Tips that create and maintain a clear pathway through Construction Health and Safety.

Planning and Preparation

Create a project logistics plan to outline the organisation of the site. This includes a rundown of where materials should be stored, safety rally points, emergency contacts, locations of entry and exit gateways for both pedestrians and vehicles, site boundaries, welfare, administration and much more. This plan is then clearly posted on-site and diligently followed.


The key to having a safe and secure work environment is having and maintaining clear channels of communication to help ensure guidance is current and includes daily site specific updates. This might include which walkways to use, visitor briefing, vehicle parking restrictions, deliveries, unloading procedures and the ever changing COVID19 regulations.


Awareness is the key starting point to site safety and should be delivered by means of a clear site specific induction. Even though all personal have been given an overview of what is expected it is vital that individuals receive ongoing and trade specific “toolbox talks” with detailed recording of what training has been completed.

Pre-Start Daily Briefings

Is an opportunity to ensure that all team members know exactly who is doing what, where and when, with certain tasks it is the “how” that requires more attention to detail. These briefings give the opportunity for team members to keep in the forefront of their minds the importance of safe and secure work practices.

Participation and Teamwork

It is our experience that by encouraging individual involvement Health and Safety can become fun and enjoyable as opposed to a “chore”. Making people feel “part of” and not “apart from” results in positive outcomes which encourages greater efficiency and productivity.


“Don’t tell me, show me”

Health and Safety is a serious business, but humour can play a part

No Loitering

As he arrived at the construction site, the foreman noticed a man lying on the ground with his eyes closed.

“Hey, you. Wake up and get out of here. We don’t allow loitering,” he barked as he went inside.

The man moaned but didn’t move.

At lunchtime, the foreman noticed the man still lying on the ground, barely moving.

“I told you to leave,” he snapped. “This is a construction site. Now move!”

The man just moaned some more.

At the end of the day, as the foreman came out to go home, the man was sitting up, but still hadn’t moved from the spot.

“All right, enough is enough” the foreman said. “I’m calling the police. Where are you from?”

The man pointed up. “The roof,” he said.


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