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The story behind the people who bring to you our bespoke access management system

Who, What, Where, When?


By taking into consideration the diversity of people within the workplace and society in general we have brought to market our attendance management system with benefits for all that will motivate individuals to be the person they can.


Our primary driver will never change, we believe passionately that investment in people, using the benefits of today’s technology to ensure long term sustainability by putting people first.


As a subcontractor of many years standing, there was always dread of visiting multiple sites on a daily basis and having to repeatedly sign in detailing the same information time and time again, contributing only to an ever increasing paper trail leaving me feeling completely devalued as a person and just another name on a sheet which was open to abuse by the team I was there to manage. Governance and accountability proved extremely difficult, the added frustration of not knowing the accuracy of arrival and departure times, or in certain instances if individuals showing as signed in had actually been on site at all was self-defeating in the management of health and safety. Role Call solves those problems and many more.

Future Goals

We are committed to improving the mental and physical health of people in the workplace, at home and socially through making them feel a part “of” and not apart “from”.


Our journey began with the first step and we extend a prioritised invitation for you to do the same by confirming acceptance to your very own personalised demonstration, from the comfort of your office or home, why not include valued members of your team for added involvement and insight?

Life is about the “Journey not the Destination”

Rewards come from process, education, training, opportunity, and a positive belief in personal value. We believe that to experience change we each individually must take responsibility to be the change we want to see.

Role Call is a system which offers a flexibility like no other, it connects people with goals and road maps how they get there.

The team

Our Directors

Al Robinson

Al Robinson


Al has achieved the highest rated certification when becoming a HIKVISION Certified Security Associate, Security Professional with HCSA-VMS accreditation, complimented by Security Industry Authority (SIA) Door Supervision and CCTV licences.

With Al’s passion for technical advancement and unrelenting desire for product knowledge and development, our place as a market leader is guaranteed. From site surveys, recommendations, quotes, and installations confidence is high, that at all times, customers receive the most recent and up to date equipment available.

On a professional and personal note Al’s experience as a sailor, adventurer, and instructor proved invaluable in the design and building of the first fully, self-sustaining wind and solar powered CCTV security system on the market, three years in development marks this as an incredible achievement.

Having strong family values helps Al maintain boundaries between work and home time; Harvey (German Shepherd) ensures plenty of exercise is taken no matter what the weather.

Mark Shelton

Mark Shelton


Mark has secured Construction Line Gold Accreditation, SIA Approved Contractor status, Security Industry Authority (SIA) Door Supervision and CCTV licences, along with Gold card CSCS accreditation, he has ensured the company is ideally positioned to carry out work in multi serviceable sectors.

With a job title focused on the commercial development of the business, regular contact with an ever growing network of associates ensures his passion for people is a joy to behold.

Having enjoyed a lifetime in the construction industry “Role Call” is without doubt Mark’s greatest achievements – what started as a thought, became a dream then a reality. Seen through the eyes of both a manager and subcontractor has ensured the system and its use does not discriminate between job roles; it benefits all and is without doubt a tool that everyone needs in their toolbox.

Being the person my dog thinks I am, leaves little time for golf and football meaning a clear focus on representing the UK at the Olympics is maintained, when it comes to shopping, washing, ironing and cleaning nothing but gold will suffice.


Coffee Cup Solutions

We at Role Call have partnered with a specialist IT solutions provider, Coffee Cup Solutions, to bring our access management system to market. 

Coffee Cup Solutions are a UK based IT company providing IT solutions to a range of clients from small local businesses to larger, national firms.

Please find out more about how our access management app works to secure construction sites, and any other building that needs to manage access, and improve health & safety compliance.

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