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Benefits of booking a demo of our sign in app

  1. Get a greater understanding of the product
    Experience the product’s user interface and see how it all works.
  2. See the benefits for yourself in real time
    As you go through the demonstration, you will be shown the features and benefits of the product in real-time, which is a far more in-depth insight than you might glean from a PDF.
  3. Speak to an expert to decide whether it is the right fit for your business
    Demonstrations are typically hosted by people who know the software and will be able to provide in-depth details to ensure you choose the right version for your business.
  4. Get answers to help your decision process
    By speaking directly with a specialist, you can get more detailed answers as you go through the demonstration process, which should help you make a more informed decision on your business needs.
  5. Choose a date and time that suits you
    Demonstrations are typically hosted throughout the working day, so you can choose a time that best suits you and any other colleagues that are involved in the process.

What happens during the demo of Role Call, our sign in app?

  1. We demonstrate how “Role Call” works either live or using an online meeting platform.
  2. The demonstration will give an overview of our solution, core features and capabilities.
  3. Plus, it tells you how we can apply specific features to address your business needs and goals.
  4. You will experience in real time how our system integrates easily into a valued member of your team.
  5. We will pencil in a time frame for a follow up meeting

Next Steps

  1. We offer you a road map of what to expect or what is needed to proceed.
  2. The Follow-up happens after the demo when you will be contacted within 12 hours to recap and reconfirm.
  3. You will receive an invitation by email confirming our next meeting.
  4. We send a link to a demo video which can be shared with other members of your team.
  5. A competitor analysis will be presented demonstrating why Role Call is the best product on the market.
  6. Any pain point” will be answered, offering solutions to your concerns.

How do you buy?

  1. Simply select which service provision that best works for you.
  2. You will receive a detailed quotation outlining the system details along with bespoke “Terms & Conditions” as agreed between both parties.
  3. On receipt of a POA we commence building the system to your specification.
  4. Delivery and installation dates are confirmed working to your timescale not ours.

We have answered some of the common questions asked about Role Call, our bespoke sign in app, on the FAQ page.


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