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As we are also CCTV suppliers, we can also offer efficient real time management of Health & Safety compliance in the workplace, giving greater confidence and assurance to businesses.

There are several legitimate business reasons why employers would choose to monitor employees using CCTV in accordance with lawful reasoning. Such as, for example, keeping employees safe and secure by preventing crime, preventing employee misconduct, ensuring compliance with health and safety procedures, monitoring, and improving productivity.

Employers generally rely on legitimate interests as an appropriate legal basis for processing personal data. This entails organisational accountability and enables the responsible uses of personal data, while protecting employees’ data privacy rights.

CCTV Supplier with a Difference

By partnering Role Call, our commercial access control system, with our CCTV system, we can offer comprehensive real time overview focused on 3 core areas,

  • ensuring and recording that health and safety procedures are being followed.
  • keeping employees safe and secure by preventing violence or theft
  • preventing pilfering, malingering, deliberate damage, or wilful misconduct

Certain actions might not seem unsafe to everyone, and without visual monitoring and recording, these things can often end up overlooked and forgotten.

When used as one, Role Call & CCTV security allows for easy collaboration between management, staff, operatives, and visitors alike by encouraging all parties to enter real time dialog ensuring a fluidity to workplace Health & Safety.

The real time reporting of changing circumstances, hazardous occurrences or the developing of any significant risk can be monitored, recorded, with safety measures actioned by the click of button with us as your CCTV supplier.

Role Call encourages individuals to take greater personal responsibility in the reporting of unsafe working practice as they unfold. By doing so, CCTV capture can be immediately targeted to individual areas of risks.

Seeing how great you and your co-workers communicate and understand the importance of safety, employers, contractors, or individual operatives can schedule meetings related to safety and make any workplace safer than it has ever been before.



Responsibilities as a CCTV Supplier

Our ethos is to make CCTV a vital component in both delivering and management of Health and Safety in the workplace.

We believe that as a CCTV supplier and installer, it is our responsibility to make sure customers maximise on their investment in CCTV security cameras. This we do by integrating a “pro-active” approach solely focused on Health & Safety matters, and the more familiar “re-active” approach in dealing with security.

Our “Platinum Support Package” means you only pay rental on the CCTV camera system.

Role Call & CCTV Supply Combined Prices

Silver Cost & Support Package (+ vat)

Gold Cost & Support Package (+ vat)

Platinum Cost & Support Package (+ vat)

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