How Role Call Works with Construction Site Security

Construction Site Security

Securing Construction Sites

How our Access Management Systems Works

We work with SHEQ managers throughout the whole process to explain how our proprietary systems secures site access points. Controlling access on and off site is vital for compliance and budget management. This is a brief overview of how our solution works.

  • Role Call reads CSCS and proprietary RFID cards cross referencing them against a secure cloud based database.
  • Upon verification of the user Role Call will time stamp the entry and display the operative on site via the online portal. On exit the operative simply swipes out using their card on the reader.
  • All data is transmitted via secure VPN tunnels and a standalone communication network so as not to increase traffic on client networks.
  • Being a cloud based solution, Role Call is a multi-site solution to man management, allowing all client sites to be displayed on a single dashboard in real time.
  • Furthermore, bespoke client reports can be generated from the database on an ad-hoc basis allowing all manner of analysis.
  • A secure and GDPR compliant solution across multiple platforms with bespoke flexibility and design.

Onboard Role Call for your Construction Site Security

  • Book a demonstration to see how easily Role Call becomes a valued member of your team.
  • Tell us what works for you and any additional functionalities to be included.
  • One system which integrates across unlimited locations.

Installation of Role Call for Construction Site Security

  • You receive both an induction and registration terminal.
  • Network connection with dedicated server.
  • Uplink connectivity giving layered protocols for heightened security.

We have answered some of the frequently questions asked about Role Call, our bespoke access management system, on the FAQ page.


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